SYNWATER® stands for flexible water treatment and transport processing specified by:

  • Continuous power adaptation by highly flexible SYNWATER® modules controlled by integrated load management SYNWATER®LM;
  • Power controlled for solar/wind supply and/or price controlled for spot market power purchase;
  • Modular pre-configured applications for medium capacities and tailor-made applications for large capacities;
  • System options: water transport package, off-grid package, medium/high penetration choice;
  • Technology focus: seawater desalination (other water technologies implementable).

For SYNWATER® projects we offer the following services separately or as full service package:

Development Phase

  • Package 1: Feasibility
  • Package 2: Rights & Permissions
  • Package 3: Ready to Build Status

Implementation Phase

  • Package 4: Third Party Consultancy
  • Package 5: Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Package 6: Operation & Maintenance

More Information:

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