The integration of a continuously growing solar (PV) and wind energy share into our today’s and tomorrow’s industry sectors is one of the great challenges for sustainable societies.

For supplying water only (SYNWATER®) and both energy & water (SYNUTILITIES®) we design, develop and offer complete systems – powered by renewables.


2024, April, SYNUTILITIES®/Sahara Renaissance Project (SAREP) – Signing the second stage of the contract with the Mauritanian government

On April 23, 2024, a high-level Mauritanian-German forum on green hydrogen took place in Noukachott, at which the second contract stage for the large-scale SAREP project was signed by HE Mr. Abdessalam Mohamed Saleh (Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development), Prof. Peter Heck and Joachim Käufler in the presence of the German ambassador and the EU ambassador to Mauritania, the Mauritanian ambassador to Germany and other government representatives. The first project stage (reference system) is scheduled to be started still in 2024.

Signature Ceremony at high-level Mauritanian-German Forum on Green Hydrogen on 23/04/24 in Nouakchott/Mauritania

2024, February, SYNWATER®/R&D – Fraunhofer IAP & SIP start project to further develop membrane technology

On February 29, 2024, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) and SIP received a funding commitment for the joint development of robust membranes for the highly flexible operation of wind and/or solar powered seawater desalination plants.

2023, December, SYNUTILITIES®/Sahara Renaissance Project (SAREP) – IfaS & SIP sign first agreement with Mauritanian government at COP 28 in Dubai

At the 28th UN World Climate Conference in Dubai (COP 28), a Joint Declaration of Interest was signed between Prof. Dr. Peter Heck (IfaS), Joachim Käufler (SIP) representing the SAREP project and the Minister for Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mr. Nany Chrougha representing the Mauritanian government. The signature ceremony was personally hosted by HE Mr. Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Mauretania.

The document serves as a first crucial agreement on the way of implementing the project and stands for an active commitment to a sustainable future. With the official support and appreciation of the Mauritanian government, the next steps of the project implementation are just ahead.

Prof. Dr. Peter Heck (IfaS), Minister for Petroleum, Energy & Mines, Mr. Nany Chrougha, Mr. Joachim Käufler (SIP)

2023, December, SYNWATER® & SYNUTILITIES®/WINDdesal & WINDhydrogen –SIP completes main project part for Saudi client

The project’s key part was the system optimization of large-scale wind-powered systems for seawater desalination and hydrogen production under the local conditions on the Arabian Gulf Coast of KSA, which was successfully completed in 12/23. The optimization covered all main technology parts - energy production, energy storage, energy consumption & product storage.

2023, November, SYNWATER®/Sales – SIP welcomes sales partner in Turkey

Our new sales partner based in Istanbul is Mr. Ümit Gül. Together we see interesting business opportunities for both REdesal and Floating WINDdesal in Istanbul and along the entire Turkish coast for the years to come. Welcome aboard, Ümit!!!

2023, November, SYNWATER® & SYNUTILITIES®/Sales – SIP opens representation office in Getxo/Spain

The head of our new representative office in Spain is Ander Mollinedo Fernandez. The office is in Getxo near Bilbao in the north of Spain. Welcome aboard, Ander!!!

2023, October, SYNUTILITIES®/Sahara Renaissance Project (SAREP) – SAREP Conference in Birkenfeld/Germany

On October 10, 23, the first SAREP conference took place at the Umweltcampus Birkenfeld - the location of our project partner IfaS - and was attended by numerous participants from Germany, Mauritania and other European and African countries.

2023, June, SYNWATER®/Technologies – SIP presents new system REdesal 20,000 to sales partners & selected customers

The new wind & solar (PV) powered system REdesal 20,000/30,000 is mainly powered by two extra-long blade (ELB) turbines and a site-specific PV capacity and was presented to our global sales partners and selected customers in 06/23. With a RE penetration of (90 ± x) %, the system offers an average desal capacity of approx. 20,000 m3/d and has an installed resp. maximal capacity of 30,000 m3/d and can be used both as a sub-grid solution and - equipped with an additional off-grid package - operated grid-independently. Assuming private water consumption of 100 l/d per capita, this system can supply around 200,000 private individuals with drinking water.

New system REdesal 20,000/30,000

2023, April, SYNWATER®/ Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – SIP presents FWD to water utilities of European coastal regions

In the course of progressive climate change, European coastal regions are now increasingly being affected by longer drought periods. SIP is currently contacting all relevant water utilities within European coastal regions to present FWD as a mobile water supply technology to be booked to bridge temporary supply bottlenecks. FWD handout for water utilities.

2023, March, SYNUTILITIES®/Sahara Renaissance Project (SAREP) – Meeting with public stakeholders in Mauritania

Representatives of IfaS and SIP stayed in Mauritania from 05/03/23 to 10/05/23 for a project visit. In addition to site inspections and meetings with local project partners, several meetings were held at ministerial level and with the general director of the national water supplier SNDE. SAREP project brochure.

2023, February, SYNWATER®/ Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – SIP & partners starts preparing the Approval in Principle (AiP)

Together with the tec partners Aerovide (coupled dynamic analysis) and StoGda (marine technology) and in coordination with DNV, SIP is preparing the documents for the first classification level (approval in principle - AiP). Obtaining the AiP completes the first phase of FWD technology development. FWD technology brochure.

2023, February, SYNWATER® & SYNUTILITIES®/WINDdesal & WINDhydrogen – SIP receives order from Saudi Arabia

SIP is contracted by a Saudi Arabian customer for technical planning works and various preparations for wind powered seawater desalination (WINDdesal) and wind powered hydrogen production (WINDhydrogen) plants. Both systems are based upon wind technology with a particularly high capacity factor.

2022, September, SYNUTILITIES®/Sahara Renaissance Project (SAREP) – IfaS & SIP jointly develop project in Mauritania

CO2 sequestration through large-scale afforestation requires the extensive provision of previously little or unused land, which is available e.g., within the southern Sahara region. At the same time, the private capital funded project implementation requires the irrigation resp. water supply for agroforestry use on a large scale and at low and long-term stable costs. Wind and solar powered seawater desalination (REdesal) is therefore a key technology for the SAREP project approach and Mauritania offers ideal geophysical conditions for this in selected coastal sections. The project initiator IfaS has therefore invited SIP as a specialist for REdesal solutions to participate and to partner within the SAREP project development.

2022, August, SYNWATER® & SYNUTILITIES®/Wind powered applications – SIP prepares market launch for ELB technology

For wind powered industrial processes or wind energy for own consumption, the system integration of the fluctuating power output plays a key role, both technically and economically. Wind power technology with a high capacity factor respectively a low specific power (100 - 150 W/m2) reduces the power output fluctuations and thus significantly simplifies system integration in the afore-mentioned sense.
The use of standard turbines with a specific output of more than 200 W/m2 is therefore not optimal for applications with wind power own consumption. Hence, SIP in cooperation with partners, is preparing a tailor-made wind technology (Extra-Long-Blade (ELB)) for wind powered industrial processes with market launch scheduled for 2023.

2022, July, SYNWATER®/REdesal & REpumping – Concept for RE powered water supply for Central Namibia & Windhoek

Investor contracts SYNLIFT to conceptualize a seawater desalination plant & long-distance piping both powered by renewables to ensure future water demand for Central Namibia & Windhoek.

2022, May, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – Fugro as new partner joined the European Industry Initiative

Our European Industry Initiative (EII) - developing wind-powered seawater desalination as a floating technology - welcomes Fugro as globally acting partner for site-specific investigations. Together with Fugro the EII consists of 12 partners as follows:

System Partners:

Technology & Project Development:               SYNLIFT Industrial Products (Potsdam, Germany)

Plant Manufacturing / Process:                       thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Dortmund, Germany)

Plant Manufacturing / Energy (WT):                Asturfeito (Avilés, Spain)

Plant Manufacturing / Marine:                        CRIST Shipyard (Gdynia, Poland)

Technology Partners (Components):

Submarine Cabling:                                       NSW / Prysmian Group (Nordenham, Germany)

Fine Filtration:                                                Boll & Kirch Filterbau (Kerpen, Germany)

On-board Crane:                                            Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock (Rostock, Germany)

Mooring System:                                            REMAZEL Engineering (Chiuduno, Italy)

Technology Partners: (Services):

Wind Turbine Design:                                     AEROVIDE (Rendsburg, Germany)

Floater Design:                                              StoGda Shipdesign & Engineering (Gdansk, Poland)

Marine Services:                                            EMS Offshore Services (Emden, Germany)

Site-Specific Investigations:                           Fugro (Germany, Netherlands)

Floating WINDdesal (FWD) module for 30,000 m3/d

2022, February, SYNUTILITIES®– Energy & water supply concept for coastal communities in windy and arid climate regions worldwide (second and third application)

SYNLIFT has been contracted to conceptualize the energy & water supply for self-sufficient communities (SELCO) in coastal regions within windy and arid climate zones - worldwide. The SELCO concept is subdivided into three applications.

This contract encompasses communities in combination with large-scale agricultural and forestry settlements as well as smart cities for living and working in general (SELCO applications Agriculture & Forestation and Living & Working).

2021, November, SYNWATER®/WINDdesal – Framework agreement with SWCC regarding wind-powered seawater desalination in Saudi Arabia signed

Both Saline Water Conversion Cooperation (SWCC) and SYNLIFT have signed a framework agreement to cooperate in Saudi Arabia regarding WINDdesal in general with the FWD reference project as a first cooperation activity included.
SWCC is a Saudi governmental institution mandated and entrusted with seawater desalination and the delivery of desalinated water to various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. Referring to the desal capacities that SWCC operates itself or in cooperation with private partners, SWCC is one of the largest players in the global desal market.

2021, November, COP26, Namibia selects one of our clients as preferred bidder for a $9.4 billion green hydrogen project

During the World Climate Summit in Glasgow the government of Namibia announced HYPHEN Hydrogen Energy to be the preferred bidder for a large-scale wind-powered hydrogen project. SYNLIFT is the planning partner for the water supply in this project – see the September news hereunder.

2021, October, SYNUTILITIES®  – Energy & water supply concept for coastal communities in windy and arid climate regions worldwide (first application)

SYNLIFT has been contracted to conceptualize the energy & water supply for self-sufficient communities (SELCO) in coastal regions within windy and arid climate zones - worldwide. The SELCO concept is subdivided into three applications.

This contract encompasses communities in combination with large-scale industry settlements (SELCO application Trade & Industry).

2021, September, SYNWATER®/SMARTdesal – Water supply concept for large-scale wind-powered hydrogen production

SYNLIFT has been contracted to conceptualize the water supply for a large-scale project of wind-powered hydrogen production in Southwest Africa, based upon a flexible RO technology to be integrated as a deferrable load into the superordinated energy & load management.

SMARTdesal plant based upon flexible reverse osmosis technology as part of a wind-powered hydrogen production

2021, July, SYNWATER®/WINDdesal – Proposal for large-scale projects handed over to PROINVERSIÓN/Peru

SYNLIFT, together with technology and financing partners, submitted a comprehensive proposal for the realization of wind-powered seawater desalination projects - incl. FWD options - for the provinces of Paita, Talara and Lambayeque to the state institution PROINVERSIÓN in Peru.

2021, June, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – Three new partners joined the European Industry Initiative

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH (Germany), REMAZEL Engineering S.p.A. (Italy) and Asturfeito S.A. (Spain) joined and further reinforced the European Industry Initiative.

2021, February, Press coverage of SYNLIFT business activities regarding Floating WINDdesal

International press release by SYNLIFT regarding Floating WINDdesal on 14/02/21 results in broad coverage of FWD in publications and online services of offshore and wind energy industries.

2021, February, German newspaper reports about SYNLIFT business activities

Tagesspiegel - one of the daily newspapers with the highest circulation in Germany – reports on the business activities of SYNLIFT on 05/02/21:


2020, December, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – For the implementation of a demo plant in Saudi-Arabia the second stage of application has been passed

For the realization of a demonstration plant FWD 10,000 / 15,000 in Saudi Arabia, the full proposal for the state tendering process has been submitted by the local business partner NTCC. The world's largest player in the desalination market, the Saudi company SWCC, has expressed its interest in supporting the project as an off-taker.

2020, October, SYNWATER®/WINDdesal – SYNLIFT contracted for the first development works for a wind-powered seawater desalination plant in Peru

SYNLIFT signs the first contract for the first project development step for a WINDdesal project in Peru for 10,000/15,000 m3/d.

WINDdesal plant for 10,000/15,000 m3/d

2020, September, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – For the implementation of a demo plant in Saudi-Arabia the first stage of application was passed successfully

For the implementation of a FWD demonstration plant with 10,000 resp. 15,000 m3/d in Saudi Arabia, the first stage (concept paper) of a state tendering process was successfully passed.

2020, September, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – With Crist and StoGda two Polish partners join the industry initiative

With entry of system partner Crist Shipyard (marine technology plant engineering) and tec-partner StoGda Ship Design & Engineering (Floater Design) both from Poland the industry initiative has been upgraded to European scale.

2020, Mai, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions joins the industry initiative as system partner

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tkIS) joins the industry initiative as a system partner for process technology plant engineering.

2020, April, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) – Technology concept development (phase 1) completed

SYNLIFT completes the work on the technology concept (phase 1) on behalf of and in cooperation with the FWD industry initiative.

Floating WINDdesal (FWD) module for 30,000 m3/d

2020, February, SYNWATER®/REdesal -  The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy invites SYNLIFT to join the Saudi-German Energy Dialogue

An expert workshop on the topic of Energy Systems of the Future: System Integration, Flexibility and Value Creation will take place on 04/03/20 in Riyadh as part of the Saudi-German Energy Dialogue. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has invited SYNLIFT as a representative for the relevant area of seawater desalination.

Because of Corona the expert workshop has been cancelled at short notice.

2019, December, SYNWATER®/Floating WINDdesal (FWD) -  Industry initiative for FWD development and market launch with five partners

Floating WINDdesal (FWD) is a wind-powered seawater desalination unit as a floating application for nearshore and offshore project sites.

FWD is designed for minimal water production costs, CO2 footprint as well as minimal impact on maritime and terrestrial environment.

With its high mobility potential, it targets to fulfill temporary supply tasks and should enable projects at locations, where conventional desalination could not be financed.

In 2019, the tec-partners aerodyn Energiesysteme (wind turbine design), EMS Maritime Offshore (marine services), Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke/Prysmian Group (submarine cabling) and Boll & Kirch Filterbau (fine filtration) joined the industrial initiative, so that they now come together with SYNLIFT as 5 partners.

2019, November, SYNWATER®/REdesal -  The trade journal Erneuerbare Energien publishes a focus on desalination with renewable energies with  extensive reporting on the project activities of SYNLIFT

The bi-monthly Erneuerbare Energien is considered the leading trade magazine for wind, solar and bioenergy in the German-speaking area and is primarily aimed at investors, project developers, municipal utilities and energy providers. In the 07/2019 edition (pp. 16-21), an article about solar and wind powered seawater desalination was published under the title Jeder Tropfen zählt (Every drop counts), which reports in detail on current REdesal activities of SYNLIFT.

2019, Juli, SYNWATER®/REdesal -  Start of the industry initiative for the development and market launch of a mobile REdesal technology for medium and large capacities

With signing of a memorandum of understanding with the first tec partner, the partnership within the industrial initiative began in summer 2019.

2019, February, SYNWATER®/REdesal -  Preparation for an industry initiative within the desal sector

The goal is to implement the development and market launch of a mobile REdesal technology for temporary and permanent supply tasks together with manufacturers of key components, providers of relevant services (tec partners) and plant engineering companies (system partners). For this purpose, preliminary talks with potential partners were started from 02/2019 on.

2019, January, Panelist Contribution on Water/Tech for Good Forum as part of World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

Our Managing Partner Joachim Käufler participated as a panelist at the Water/Tech for Good Forum as part of the World Future Energy Summit WFES 2019, Abu Dhabi.

"What answers can the water industry give to upcoming extreme cases" was a central panel question. With regard to this topic Joachim presented requirements for a mobile REdesal unit for medium and large capacities.

2017, June, Large-scale SYNWATER®/SOLARdesal - Large-scale solar powered desal and long-distance pumping system accepted for EIA by Chilean Authorities

Large-scale SYNWATER® desalination plant including a long-distance water pumping and piping system directly powered by an integrated solar energy plant is accepted for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by Chilean authorities.

ENAPAC project: SOLARdesal plant incl. water pumping, piping and storing for 86,400 m3/d - Atacama region (Chile)

ENAPAC project: SOLARdesal plant incl. water pumping, piping and storing for 86,400 m3/d - Atacama region (Chile)

ENAPAC project: SOLARdesal plant incl. water pumping, piping and storing for 86,400 m3/d - Atacama region (Chile)

2016, July, SYNWATER®/SOLARdesal - Chilean client contracts SYNLIFT for concept and design of a large-scale solar powered seawater desalination and water conveying system in Atacama region/Chile

SYNLIFT has been contracted by Trends Industrial S.A. - a member of the Chilean Trends Group - to work out the complete technical concept and based upon that to realize the front-end engineering design (FEED) as general technical planner for a large-scale solar powered seawater desalination and water conveying system in Atacama region/Chile.