The integration of a continuously growing solar (PV) and wind energy share into our today’s and tomorrow’s energy sectors is one of the great challenges for sustainable societies.

For supplying water only (SYNWATER®) and both energy & water (SYNUTILITIES®) we design, develop and offer complete systems – powered by renewables.


2021, November, SYNWATER®/WINDdesal –  Framework agreement with SWCC regarding wind-powered seawater desalination in Saudi Arabia signed

Both Saline Water Conversion Cooperation (SWCC) and SYNLIFT have signed a framework agreement to cooperate in Saudi Arabia regarding WINDdesal in general with the FWD reference project as a first cooperation activity included.
SWCC is a Saudi governmental institution mandated and entrusted with seawater desalination and the delivery of desalinated water to various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. Referring to the desal capacities that SWCC operates itself or in cooperation with private partners, SWCC is one of the largest players in the global desal market.

2021, November, COP26, Namibia selects one of our clients as preferred bidder for a $9.4 billion green hydrogen project

During the World Climate Summit in Glasgow the government of Namibia announced HYPHEN Hydrogen Energy to be the preferred bidder for a large-scale wind-powered hydrogen project. SYNLIFT is the planning partner for the water supply in this project – see the September news below.

2021, October, SYNUTILITIES®– Energy & water supply concept for coastal communities in windy and arid climate regions worldwide   

SYNLIFT has been contracted to conceptualize the energy & water supply for self-sufficient settlement projects in coastal regions within windy and arid climate zones - worldwide.

2021, September, SYNWATER®/SMARTdesal – Water supply concept for large-scale wind-powered hydrogen production  

SYNLIFT has been contracted to conceptualize the water supply for a large-scale project of wind-powered hydrogen production in Southwest Africa, based upon a flexible RO technology to be integrated as a deferrable load into the superordinated energy & load management.